Jones Masjiene will A-MAIZE you !!!
Jones Masjiene is a business that was started a little over ten years ago by Willie Jones, but our roots go back more than 40 years in the manufacturing of feed equipment. The business has grown in leaps and bounds due to our practical expertise and experience in the feed and processing equipment industry. With years of experience we have established ourselves as market leaders in our field with a reputation of supplying our clients with practical solutions for their individual needs.

Years of experience means nothing if not backed with modern state of the art designing capabilities. Therefore Jones Masjiene utilise modern computer aided design and manufacturing software.

With quality and service being the cornerstone of our business at Jones Masjiene you will be sure of being more than a client, you'll be part of the family!  As a specialist in the field Jones Masjiene provides peace of mind with fresh ideas to all our clients new and current.

Jones Masjiene is well situated in Koster to service our clients both nationally and abroad:
Botswana South Africa
Kenya Tanzania
Lesotho Zambia
Malawi Zimbabwe (yes this place is cooking)
Mauritius Etc
All products are designed to customer specification to ensure quality.
As a high quality supplier in the Feed Equipment Industry, Jones Masjiene supply to various industries such as:
Farming Industry
Milling Industry
Feed Industry
As a top supplier of feeding equipment in the country and number one in the North West province the choice is obvious, Jones Masjiene is the only company for you. Call or email for an obligation free quote now.